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SECAT provides funds for four types of projects:
  • Purchase of new heavy-duty vehicles equipped with engines certified to the California Air Resources Board's optional low-NOx emission standards. Note that CURRENTLY ALL ENGINES SO CERTIFIED USE ALTERNATIVE FUELS, THAT IS, COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS, LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS OR PROPANE.
  • Repowering of existing heavy-duty diesel vehicles with ARB-certified diesel or alternative-fuel engines. Note: only the cost of unique parts, under the SECAT Program, are directly related to the installation of the lower emission engine that, on a per part basis, cost more than $100 are eligible for reimbursement by the SECAT program. If there is an installation upgrade kit available, the kit cost will be included in the incentive amount.
  • Retrofit of existing heavy-duty diesel vehicles with aftertreatment such as NOx catalysts and selective catalytic reduction systems, for which ARB has verified the emissions reduction performance.
  • Use of "cleaner" diesel fuel formulations and/or diesel emulsion fuels for which ARB has verified the emissions reduction performance, in place of California diesel fuel.
David Young, SACOG, Senior Planner, phone: 916.733.3232 e-mail:
Tom Swenson, SMAQD, Program Coordinator, phone: 916.874.4889
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