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Download SECAT Emissions Calculator files for MS Access 97:

SECAT.mde (This file requires MS Access 97.)

S_102700.exe (This is a stand-alone version and contains ~10 MB. It takes ~ 45 minutes to download with a 56k modem depending on the traffic on the Internet.)* **

*The self-extracting file creates a SECAT-folder on your c: drive. Once you have downloaded the "S_102700.exe"-file, you need to start the set-up by double-clicking the "setup.exe"-file, located in the secat-folder. The program leads your through the set-up. The calculator is now available via the Program Menu or you can double-click the "SECAT.mde"-file in the secat-folder.

** If you downloaded an earlier version of the calculator (prior 11/02/00) you need to uninstall the calculator and remove remaining files manually.

Please contact Trish Duncan (916.733.3214) when you experience difficulties with the download, or to order a CD-ROM with a stand-alone version of the calculator.

David Young, SACOG, Senior Planner, phone: 916.733.3232 e-mail:
Tom Swenson, SMAQD, Program Coordinator, phone: 916.874.4889
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